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North Smithfield RI

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AnchorMAX Inside Photo

AnchorMAX is a division of the Anchor Auto Group.  And even though Anchor sells new Subarus and Nissans, the AnchorMAX division is devoted to only high quality pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs.

Everything about AnchorMAX speaks to quality.  From the spotless facility, row after row of immaculate vehicles, and especially the demonstration of their “Rejected” vehicle (a spotless late model Toyota Tercel).

Brian Benoit, one of the owners of the Anchor Auto Group sat down with us to explain more about the philosophy behind showing a vehicle that they’ve rejected.

“The average consumer who’s shopping for a pre-owned vehicle will do a lot of research.  They’ll spend hours online, finding the right car and also researching its pedigree through AutoCheck, CarFax or other vehicle history portal.  If they’re satisfied, they’ll go to the dealership and look the vehicle over very carefully.  And then if they’re satisfied, they’ll test drive it.  If they like it, and the price is right, they’ll most likely buy it.

“But dealer reputation is as important as any of that.  This Toyota that we’re displaying is a great example.  It has a perfect CarFax report.  It looks like it’s new.  The body has no dings or dents. The paint gleams. There’s no overspray on the mouldings (a telltale sign of previous paintwork) and the interior is flawless.”

“There’s only one problem.  It was involved in a major accident.”

“The damage was concealed very well.  It was hit very hard in the rear, and if you look carefully under the spare tire in the trunk, you start to see signs.”

“Rob (Brian’s brother, Robert Benoit who is the President of Anchor Subaru) could tell immediately that there was something wrong with this car when he first saw it.  After 30 years of buying high quality cars, he could tell looking at the rear end of the car that something wasn’t quite right.  But it took a little digging to figure out exactly what it was. He started looking closer, and after opening the trunk, lifting the mat, and then removing the spare tire, found serious evidence of a repaired frame.”

“We walk away from these types of damaged vehicles all the time.  They would never pass our stringent inspection, and therefore could never be for sale at AnchorMAX.”

“But he decided to buy it anyway, as an example for customers to see one of the many problems they might run into.”

“That’s why the dealer’s reputation is of the utmost importance.  Anchor would never sell a vehicle like this.”

We were very impressed with AnchorMAX, it’s philosophy, and the owners.

AnchorMAX is an AutoIntelligence recommended dealership.